Work Process

To start your connection with the company, you just need to follow the steps. With the help of that, you will be able to understand the workflow and process of our company.


You have to start your journey at


by free registration. We verified you by sending an email to your provided E-mail Address.


Once you get registered with



you will be able to contact us round the clock (24/7) to request unlimited quotes for free. Our professional, experienced and dedicated team will get back to you in short time as well.

Order Placement:

When you have the quote, next you need to fill out the order form online carefully with all the compulsory boxes having an asterisk (*) on it. In addition, if you have anything to say still, let us know in the additional comment box as well given in the order placing form.


When you have filled all the form you need to click on submit button. Once the order form is received, our dedicated team evaluate the design carefully according to the provided information through the order form. Next thing, if any further queries rise from our side (which is not answered in the form) then we send an E-mail to you along with the query as well.


When we got all our required information, our digitising department starts work to turn your simple picture format design into stitch-perfect reality.

Quality Assurance:

After the digitising process completed, the

digitised design

will go through different phases for quality assurance (QA). When the QA department approves the design, we then send the digitised file to you.

Customer’s Satisfaction and Payment:

We will send you the

digitised design

after our complete examination process, you just need to check the preview of the final design. If the design will meet your required design, you after making the payment and download the design file in the required format. If you find something to edit or change you do not need to pay again, just request an edit and allow us a few hours to get back to you with the edited file.

Payment Options:

EXCEL DIGITISING is the company where the customer can be able to pay for the services through any suitable means like; Debit or Credit Cards, Master Card, Visa Card, Bank Wire or PayPal etc.