3D / Puff Embroidery Digitising

Hence putting embroidery on cloth item is so common that we witness every cap, T-shirt, and handsome dress covered with embroidery. Old school method of embroidery by hand and needle is still a hobby of old ladies and the generation they inspired. But when embroidery is used to produce items commercially. Mechanical and digital embroidery machines are used. 3D puff embroidery is a common type of embroidery. To make these the technique of 3D puff embroidery digitising is used. For every manufacturer and maker of the embroidery things, practical tips contain a value that is helpful in business. Mastering this technique gives an edge over competitors. Here are some tips that might help.

3D puff embroidery digitising tips

I will tell you some tips that come from experience.

  • Optimize machine speed
  • By experimenting you will know at what speed level your machine works at best. Some times you need to work slow. That way you ensure quality. Optimize your machine at best speed level.

  • Choose the right fabric
  • For the right embroidery, the choice of fabric is important. Do not use slippery and delicate fabrics, always use sturdy and strong fabrics.

  • Choice of needles
  • Always use sharp needles. The thread combines with the needle to do the embroidery. Sharneedles help in stitching.

  • Choosing the foam
  • The foam is necessary for producing puff. The thickness of foam varies with the nature of the design. But it is a fact that thick foam produces good quality puff embroidery. But if you want to work on a commercial level then do not use very thick foam. It will create problems.

  • The flat design must be embroidered first
  • The design of puff embroidery can contain flat designs and 3D designs. So always start with the flat design. It will make work easier.

  • Stop after flat design
  • When you are done with the flat design, stop the machine. Change the color and reprogram your machine for puff design and other designs.

  • Lay your foam
  • Lay your foam on the cloth and attach it with some kind of adhesive. This step will be done after reprograming your machine.

  • Sew your outline
  • When you have attached your foam then sew the outline first.

  • Clear extra foam
  • When you finish sewing the outline of the puff, clear extra foam. Then a clear shape of foam puff will appear.

    Always embroider a test piece first

    When you need to start a commercial level embroidery on many pieces. Always run a test before. This is an important task. It will tell you the accuracy of your digitising .

    Stitch density

    The stitch density is an important factor in the success of embroidery design. For flat designs, keep stitch low and for 3D puff embroidery, keep density high. As a professional embroider 3D puff embroidery digitising is a technique, that you need to master. Your success depends on the accuracy of your machine. Hence the digitization of your machine determines your quality and productivity. Keep all the important tips in mind while on work.