Vector Art

Vector conversion services are specifically designed to manually redraw images in vector format.

Vector Graphics

are suitable for screen printing machines, large format printing, promotional items for printing, engraving vector line art,web usage etc. Send us your image to get free quotes.We can prepare your vector graphics differently depending on your specific requirements. Tell us how you plan to use your vector graphics and we'll be ready accordingly. We can make a complete copy of the image, but in

vector format

that it can be scaled to any size and still be of high quality. We can make vector drawings from your photos. Vector illustration can be made into complex color illustrations or simple line drawings.

What type of file can be vectorized?

As long as we can see the image, we can vectorize it! Jpg, jpeg, gif, tiff, PSD, bmp, Png, doc, pdf, ppt, pub, pct and the like. We can also create vector files from scanned sketches - just send us your file by email, and we'll give you a quote.

How is vectorization done?

We manually draw in

vector format

by using an automated tracing tool or use a combination of both, produces the best result at the lowest price, or according to your instruction.

Why convert to vector?

Vector art is scalable - you can enlarge vector files of any size without losing quality. On the other hand, raster images are made of pixels that do not magnify without losing quality and often look pixelated when zoomed in.

Vector graphics

are not composed of pixels - they are based on mathematically calculated objects - their quality is unaffected when zoomed in.Vector graphics has nothing to do with the resolution, can be used at the highest resolution. For example, if a printer requests image files at 600 dpi (dots per inch), it can print vector files at 600 dpi, print the same vector file at 1200 dpi if the printer requires 1200 dpi. The resolution of the raster image is limited to the number of pixels contained in the file. Vector files can be generated in many different file formats - Vector files can also be saved or exported to many other file formats including EPS, AI, CDR, PDF, JPG, TIF, PNG, WMF and many more.

Vector Art uses mathematical formulas to create shapes and

effects for graphics


For this reason, file sizes are smaller than regular pixel-based files and can be resized without losing quality, as everything is mathematically resized. Raster to Vector Services is perfect for promotional products and marketing companies that need to quickly convert vector transforms.

Vector artwork

is widely used by most printers because they can easily generate positive and negative images in order to transfer the logo or image to the product. Every organization should have to use their logo in vector format for marketing campaigns.