Embroidery Stabilizers | How to Hooping Filmoplast & Cutaway Non-adhesive

Embroidery Stabilizers | How to Hooping Filmoplast & Cutaway Non-adhesive

Starting any business is a challenge for everyone. On the other hand, it does not matter how old you are at that particular stage, it is always a challenge to be on the top of this competitive era. You have to be strong enough to compete, the journey becomes easy and pleasant.

Beginners of embroidery machines overwhelmed when looking at most of the stabilizers. I am going to teach you the basic rules of various stabilizer hoops. After reading this article, you will be able to paste the adhesive stabilizer (Filmoplast) in the right way and will be able to do embroidery according to your choice. On the other hand, you will be able to know how to work with non-adhesive cut-away stabilizer as well. The basic thing is about focusing, you can make anything by sticking to your aim. Don’t get panic in all procedure as well. Stabilizer allows you to hold the fabric with a layer of adhesive. For high-density and medium-density fabrics, as well as non-hoops fabrics such as leather, suede and coating materials.

1) Filmoplast hooping:

  • Filmoplast stabilizer
  • Hoop
  • Scissors
  • Mark
  • Ruler
  • Place the stabilizer with a paper layer on the upper side. Mark the hoops border.
  • Use a marker on the paper to cut the stabilizer accordingly.
  • Put the stabilizer on the outer ring with the paper layer upper side.
  • Put the inner ring of the hoop and press it down.
  • Pull the stabilizer's edge to smooth it. Tighten your hoops.
  • Place the plastic template on the hoop and mark the border of the embroidery area with a marker.
  • Use markers to sketch the boundaries of the embroidery area.
  • Cut the paper along the line with the tip of the scissors.
  • Remove the stabilizer paper layer to release the adhesive side.
  • Put your fabric on it.
  • After the embroidery is finished, remove the design from the stabilizer.

2) Cut-away non-Adhesive hooping:

Non-adhesive cutaway stabilizer works well for knitwear. This type of stabilizer allows keeping the shape of the embroidered area, and use with temporary spray adhesive. I am going to tell you briefly how to hoop the cut-away stabilizers as well.
What will we need?

  • Hoop
  • An item to practice
  • Cutaway non-adhesive stabilizer
  • Temporary spray adhesive
  • First of all, you need to untie the hoop.
  • Then put a non-adhesive stabilizer into outer ring.
  • Pull the edge of a stabilizer to make it tight enough not to slip.
  • Shake well spray tube and put a layer of spray adhesive onto the stabilizer.
  • Stick your fabric.
  • Set up a hoop in the machine and start embroidering the design.
  • Cut the stabilizer near the contour after done with your embroidery task.
  • Find out your embroidered design.

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